Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Popping The Question

I have started reading the debate regarding a fusion core sun versus the iron core sun. The proponents of the fusion core point to the crab pulsar as how a neutron star operates.

Since it is all theory, I would like to ask a question?

Could a pulsar simply be a star which is reversing its magnetic poles very quickly?

Living rurally I am very aware of the electromagnetic signature of electricity reversing direction in an electric animal fence. As you drive by you can hear the electromagnetic signature on your AM radio popping with each surge of current.

With that in mind I would look towards our sun for an electromagnetic signature change when it changes poles every 11 years. Is there an electromagnetic “pop” of some duration as the sun’s poles reverse? Does the profile of our sun’s electromagnetic “pop” mimic that of a pulsar only much slower? Thirdly, are pulsars simply stars reversing their poles very, very quickly?

From the Iron Sun debate only one thing comes to mind. For the sun to be fusion cored it would have to be a pure hydrogen/helium giant. What are the chances of a gravitational body being pure anything? Common sense tells me there is a core made of heavier materials than helium and hydrogen, which would have sunk to the core of the sun, based on their density.

Possibly neither debate is fully correct, but a combination of the two.