Monday, October 22, 2007

Hurricane - Come Hither

According to the “dynamo theory” which is defined as; “Dynamo theory describes the process through which motion of a conductive body in the presence of a magnetic field acts to regenerate that magnetic field.”, so I assume hurricanes have a weak magnetic field of their own.

(ie: Hurricanes rotate in a circular pattern, within a magnetic field, water is a conductor, and we know they produce electrical energy in the form of lightening. Why shouldn’t a hurricane have a weak magnetic field?)

So if a hurricane has a weak magnetic field it would move within the earth’s magnetic field lines in a very specific manner, or at least be influenced in its movement in a very specific manner by the earth’s magnetic field lines.

The earth’s magnetic field lines move in relationship to the surface because earth’s rotational axis and magnetic axis are not the same, but these two axis’ stay within a certain tolerance of each other. This would account for the “general” targeting of Gulf coast hurricanes rather than specific targeting.

Here is a model of earth’s magnetic field lines. I imagine the field lines move and shift marginally over time with stronger and weaker areas of magnetic force. Overall the field stays within tolerance of this model. The stronger magnetic forces towards the poles, the weaker forces to the equator. This image represents a snapshot in time. (these images are proposed magnetic field line models)

If a hurricane moving eastwards towards the Gulf coast has a magnetic field of its own, its course would be influenced every time it crossed one of the earth’s magnetic field lines. Sooner or later it would steer northwards.

Notice the number of and congestion of magnetic field lines running through North America and the Gulf Coast area.

You can actually see “hurricane alley” and “tornado alley”. In addition the coriolis effect (eastward arcing) of hurricanes tracking just outside of hurricane alley would be enhanced as it reached the strong magnetic field line running along the Eastern Canadian coastline, steering the hurricane out to sea.

The US Department of Defense offers this model of earth’s magnetic field lines;

At first glance this relationship seems to exist.

Possibly, when the earth’s magnetic field reverses the Gulf coast will no longer be a magnetic steering area for hurricanes.