Thursday, October 4, 2007

Global Cooling Prediction

I took every major planetary alignment in our solar system going back 6,000 years and plotted it against known dramatic temperature changes on Earth. On the chart below to convert “Years BP” to something you understand subtract ~2,000.

Lines represent major planetary alignments

What I find is that every major planetary alignment of the planets resulted in a cooling period on Earth. The critical factor is the alignment degrees and relative distance from the sun that the alignment occurred. If the alignment degrees are less than 11 and the relative distance from the sun is greater than 12 the Earth experiences a dramatic cooling. There are only two exceptions to this finding in my data, and these were periods where the major alignment was either quickly preceded or followed by a minor alignment the two events combined leading to a major drop.

Years in black font were multiple alignments that resulted in major cooling
Note: when the distance is short from the sun it takes multiple events

When you look at many of the cooling periods on the overall temperature chart some are staggered or dramatically stepped. These would correspond to quick minor alignments followed back to back.

The next major alignment is in the year 2040 and if it follows what I have found it will be a dramatic cooling.

This should produce a cooling effect similar to the one in 332 AD, possibly a little steeper for the greater the distance from the sun the alignment occurs the larger the cooling affect on Earth. In 2040 the alignment degrees will be .5 degrees wider, but the relative distance will be 11 greater. A very similar ballpark to 332 AD.

These alignments affect the sun’s energy production as related to sunspots.

If temperatures do drop to the extent predicted it will be very unpleasant.