Thursday, October 18, 2007

Galactic Formation and Magnetic Fields

The things you can learn when you are not looking…

Do you see any similarity between these shapes;
The one on the left is a photo of a spiral galaxy.

The shapes almost overlay perfectly.

The one on the right is ferrofluid (magnetic particles suspended in a liquid) exposed to a 25Hz magnetic field during an MIT experiment. The magnetic field is axial and the pattern rotates and evolves over time.

I simply flipped the ferrofluid image horizontally and rotated it to alignment. The same result could be achieved by the reversal of the DC charge in the experiment.

You can view the 2002 MIT experiment here on YouTube;

So does this mean that rotation and galactic formation are simply a byproduct of magnetic fields and that gravity is not the primary mover, simply another aspect of magnatism?