Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is the Universe a Filamentary Self Organization of Plasma

What are your first impressions of this experiment; (video)

Dynamic Self Organisation of Ferrofluid

In this experiment Ferrofluid shows a continuos cycle of diffusion and concentration. Some thinner is added to a drop of ferrofluid which is on a dish over a permanent magnet. When spreading out, the thinner takes a low concentration of ferrofluid with it, too low to be bound to the magnet.

The flow is limited by the wetting border of the spot. Increased evaporation increases the flow towards the border. At the end of its way, the concentration of the fluid is increased by evaporation, in a circle around the centre.
Apply the above to plasma flowing outward along the vector field of a weakening magnetic field.

What related term does NASA use for this; FTE (flux transfer event)?

Magnetic Portals Connect Earth to the Sun -
NASA Science6 Apr 2011 ...
"It's called a flux transfer event or 'FTE,'" says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. ...

Now lets look at this in two new ways…

Keep in mind plasma flowing outward along a weakening magnetic vector field with distance from the magnetic source…

On the sun side of planet earth do you have what NASA terms Flux Transfer Events as plasma reconnects with the sun completing an earth/sun circuit as depicted above, and on the opposite side of the planet a plasmoid is being formed in the magnetotail and reconnecting with the earth injecting plasma.

This process would be ongoing but exaggerated during a peak in solar wind.

This also explains what NASA refers to as foamy cells of plasma on the leading edge of the heliosphere as data from Voyager 1 and 2 indicate. They are not bubbles, but folding filaments with a larger plasma payload at the tip. This points to the plasma/electrical nature of the sun and external forces influencing solar cycles (as well as internal varaiations). An open loop system.

Using this approach there is no big surprise….

NASA - A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System

9 Jun 2011 ... NASA's Voyager probes are truly going where no one has gone before and are ... Voyager 1 entered the "foam-zone" around 2007, and Voyager 2 ...

…” Mission scientists say the probes have just sent back some very big news indeed.

It's bubbly out there.

According to computer models, the bubbles are large, about 100 million miles wide, so it would take the speedy probes weeks to cross just one of them. Voyager 1 entered the "foam-zone" around 2007, and Voyager 2 followed about a year later. At first researchers didn't understand what the Voyagers were sensing--but now they have a good idea.
You would have the same filamentary plasma reconnections between galaxies…

On the facing side of the secondary galaxy you have what NASA terms Flux Transfer Events as plasma reconnects with the larger primary galaxy completing an galaxy/galaxy circuit as depicted above, Just as the Sun/Earth complete a circuit.

Again, using this approach there is no big surprise….
NASA - A Big Surprise from the Edge of the Solar System

9 Jun 2011 ... NASA's Voyager probes are truly going where no one has gone before and are ... Voyager 1 entered the "foam-zone" around 2007, and Voyager 2 ...

…” Mission scientists say the probes have just sent back some very big news indeed.
According to computer models, the bubbles are large, about 100 million miles wide, so it would take the speedy probes weeks to cross just one of them. Voyager 1 entered the "foam-zone" around 2007, and Voyager 2 followed about a year later. At first researchers didn't understand what the Voyagers were sensing--but now they have a good idea.
All interconnected…

This makes the universe into a filamentary plasma sponge.

Or to go biological a cologen matrix.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Neural Points

Neural Points a Third Point

Both cusps of the magnetosphere have Neural Points
The Open Magnetosphere

A feature of simple neutral points is that the magnetic fields flanking them have opposite directions (drawing). Field lines just inside the "nose" of the magnetopause point northward. On the other hand, at times when the IMF has a southward slant, as its field lines become draped against the nose (drawing) they have a generally southward orientation.

This situation is idealized in the image on the right, where the neutral point in the middle is assumed to extend in the direction perpendicular to the drawing, forming a "neutral line." Plasma flows in from the left and the right, and exits up and down. The flow is identified as a "magnetic reconnection" process because when lines "1" and "2" reach the neutral line, they change their structure--the two top halves join up and flow away, ultimately reaching the position of the line defined as "3", while the two bottom halves join up and form the line which later becomes "4" (more about reconnection in the appropriate part of

This can also bee seetween opposing poles of bar magnets in the dispersion pattern of iron filings.

However, the earth appears to have three neural points;

  • North Pole Cusp
  • South Pole Cust
  • Equatorial Cusp (Indian Ocean)

To take a closer look;

This third magnetic neural point allows solar plasma to pentrate deeper into the magnetosphere.

UCLA is aware of this for it comes out in plasma physics, but the plasma physics have not been applied to planet earth;

This neural magnetic point allows solar plasma to enter deeper into the magnetosphere during geomagnetic storms forming plasmoids (plasma pockets) that then travel eastwards seeking charge equalization.

Since the solar plasma contains aspects of the solar magnetic field once trapped inside the earth's magnetophere plasmoids move in a magnetic repulsive manner.

I suspect that during a geomagnetic storm this neural point's location shifts based on the magnetic field intensity exerted by competing poles during the geomagnetic storm, but generally stays along 90 degrees east longitude, simply changing latitude north/south.  This allows for plasmoid formation at different latitudes.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Personal Space

Hi Sandy,

I am going to copy you on the below email that I sent to Roy.

Do you have any idea how disconcerting and joyous it is to have God whispering insight in your ear every night?

I now know why “personal space” exists and why there are places in the environment I just do not like being in for no apparent reason. A good example of a place I never liked was that quarry on the way to the Lovett’s house just outside of Groveland, MA. There was the liquor store on the left, located at the corner and the piles of aggregate right in front of us at the stop sign as we turned right to go to the Lovett’s house. There was nothing “wrong” with the area, I just never liked being in the area. It gave me a bad feeling. There are other places like that too.

How much you want to bet my good old antenna is simply picking up on this;

The magnetic anomaly field of Eastern North America.

I cannot find a total magnetic field anomaly map for Groveland specifically, but how much you want to bet I was picking up on a very low magnetic field area that just rubbed my brain the wrong way?

It boggles my mind sometimes with the things I am learning.


Hello Roy,

Since you are the guy who started me off down this road I will share this with you…

Did you ever wonder why people have “personal space” and why they do not like other people invading? It is not etiquette, it is simple science.

This video demonstrates the discomfort you feel when people lean their head into your personal space;

In the above video note how the intermittent very low magnetic field of the low frequency, low voltage motor affects the magnet hanging on the string a few inches away. Your consciousness is a very low frequency multiple magnetic fields and it should be discomforting to have another very low magnetic field rubbing up against it. This is why we all have a “personal space” to other people’s proximity to our heads that we do not like people leaning into. The very low magnetic field of their brain is disturbing to the magnetic field of our brain.

If you would like to know more about how DNA reacts to very low magnetic fields read this article;

Low-frequency electromagnetic fields evoke the stress
response: mechanism of interaction with DNA and biomedical

M.; Goodman, R.

Plasma Science,

IEEE Transactions onVolume 30, Issue 4, Aug 2002 Page(s): 1497 -

Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TPS.2002.804219Summary:

Low-frequency electromagnetic (EM) fields react with many
cellular systems. One important interaction is the stress response, a protective mechanism in reaction to potentially harmful stimuli in the environment. The stress response is characterized by the synthesis of stress proteins, a complex process that requires activation of DNA. Induction of this response by EM fields may be initiated by direct interaction of the fields with moving electrons in DNA. This mechanism is physically reasonable, and interactions between EM fields
and electron transfer have been shown to occur in several simpler molecular systems. Additional support for the idea of direct interaction of EM fields with DNA is identification of a specific DNA sequence that can promote an EM-field response when it is normally present or artificially introduced. The protective stress response and the EM-field-specific DNA sequence lend themselves to biomedical applications in cardiac surgery and gene therapy.

You will not believe the things I can now explain all due to you pushing over the first domino with the controversy over global warming. Plasma density is behind everything and the interaction of very low brain induction flux densities is simply an echo of that.

Now you know why we all have “personal space”. It is not etiquette, it is science. We humans just see it as etiquette.

Do not worry about strong magnetic fields, worry about the very low magnetic field densities that your brain already dislikes.



Hi Sandy,

Guess what… the National Geological Service has magnetic maps of Massachusetts. Here is a close up of the Merrimack River valley. Do you see the slight color variation in the area of Groveland?

The magnetic anomalies of the entire state are mapped this way;

I would guess that the least densely populated areas would fall in these color bands, most closely matchng “5”;

These would be discomforting areas for people to live in. Now it is apparent why parts of Massachusetts were and are sparsely populated.

Curious… Are there geographical places you recall from your youth in Massachetts that you just did not like for no apparent reason? Do they line up with weak magnetic field anomalies on this map?

Remember that very low magnetic fields stress DNA. Your brain would register that stress as dislike. Just as you do not like somebody to move their head too close to yours.

See how God tunes your DNA as to where you should live?

I am spooky eh? No, this is God, and God is not spooky. God is science, God is knowledge, God is applying knowledge.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Solar Model

No galactic/solar theory is complete without a model so I built one…

The battery represents galactic plasma flow, the magnet represents the magnetic field of the galaxy that is set up by galactic plasma flow, and the simple armature represents our sun being energised by the plasma while interacting with the galaxies magnetic field.

Yes, this is damn simple. The answer to the all the galaxies and all the solar systems has to be simple or none of it would work. Not for billions of years anyway.

This galactic solar model is the basis of my theory of everything and it trickles up and down. It explains all natural events, which all flow from the movement of galactic plasma. No need for multiple dimensions, dark matter, black holes, or all the other theorhetical nonsense in the current “gravity/fusion only” solar theory.

Currently solar theory which relies on a "fusion only" sun is incomplete. There is a galactic plasma input that keeps all things chugging in their cycles.

Why aren't you burned up by the galactic plasma? First you are protected by the sun's heliosphere, and secondly protected by the Earth's magnetoshpere.

The sun’s heliophere acts just like our magnetosphere in shielding it from the galactic wind and directing the energy to the poles.

The bad news about a plasma/fusion sun is that if anything happens to the plasma inputs the sun is dramaticaly affected. But since the system is simple, if something bad was going to happen to our sun it would have happened already.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Magnetic Blueprints Push Brain Evolution in Correct Direction

Hello Professor (at MIT),

A point to ponder… Or simply an amazing coincidence…

More images from the 2002 experiment and life;

Note the split hemisphere in the ferrofluid and its tendrils in the experiment, then note the split hemisphere of the human brain and we know the human brain is surrounded by hair filiments. Coincidence?

If you allow the experiment video to run a few more seconds you see the exact patterning found in the human brain;

Just as time is needed to pass for the experiment to evolve more ridges the brain develops more ridges as years pass.

Could we be looking at blueprints written by rotating magnetic fields for the brain? This type of natural magnetic steering would certainly help evolution in the correct direction.

Is the answer to the eternal question “Life, the universe and everything?” simply answered with “rotating magnetic fields”?

One can only assume that if God drew the blueprints for the universe he drew them with rotating magnetic fields.

This is awe inspiring and “yeah why didn’t somebody notice sooner” simultaneously. It should be investigated.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Magnetic Reconnection and Humans

Somebody asked me if humans can predict future events and below is my answer.

I believe that this sort of prediction is possible, but the information is so spotty it is virtually impossible to make any consistent use of it. I have a theory on this topic.

My hypothesis is based on how I theorize remote viewing (including the future) possibly works; if remote viewing works at all. There is nothing here more than "possible" science in my theory.

Every living thing and many non living things produce a magnetic field. Magnetic fields are very odd things. Using super conductors’ magnetic fields can even defy gravity. There is one aspect of magnetic fields that may explain remote viewing.

Astrophysicists talk about “Magnetic Reconnection” in regards to suns and how they operate and how their multiple magnetic fields interact. This is described as;

Magnetic reconnection is the process whereby magnetic field lines from different magnetic domains are spliced to one another, changing their patterns of connectivity with respect to the sources. It is a violation of an approximate conservation law in plasma physics, and can concentrate mechanical or magnetic energy in both space and time.

I postulate that what is true at the solar level trickles down to all magnetic fields regardless of how small they are. The future you and the current you are both producing magnetic fields in their respective brains and the above process may allow them to magnetically reconnect. But it is not a constant fixed connection. The magnetic fields are always shifting and there are other people’s magnetic fields to contend with, and your brain is focused on the magnetic fields of the here and now. We are basically drowning in magnetic field data and ignoring most of it.

We all know of athletes, soldiers and the heroes of the world who have fantastic instincts and they almost move in anticipation of their opponent’s next move. Could this be the human brain reading magnetic fields in a very basic, productive way in the current time frame? This would be no different than sharpening one’s eyes or perking up one's ears. If the opponent is producing a magnetic field in their brain, possibly another brain can pick up on those thoughts or intent at a rudimentary level, then it can anticipate them. Think intuition, mother’s instincts, and great fighters; all seemingly can anticipate events,

How do we do it? I will reply to that with a question… What happens when you find yourself in a dangerous situation, or you’re feeling deep emotion? Your hair will stand on end, or you will get goose bumps. I theorize that this behavior has multiple reasons for happening.

A secondary reason is that thousands of years ago when man was covered with hair it would make you look bigger to an opponent. However, I feel this is only a secondary benefit.

Every hair follicle on the human body is a dipole magnet. These magnets could act as antennae and just as you can sharpen your vision, and perk up your ears, your brain can raise the dipole antennae of hair follicles to scan magnetic fields around you and try to read the intent/information found in those magnetic fields that swirl around us. By reading them you can pick up information. Possibly the fact another soldier has you in their cross hairs, the next punch the fighter is thinking about throwing, the event that is about to happen that will result in an injured child’s future which can be prevented, an animal lurking nearby which cannot be seen or heard, but sensed through magnetic reconnection.

But there is so much information it is difficult for the brain to pick out what is important. Just like you miss things with your eyes, ears and sense of touch, there is too much data at times or we are preoccupied. But put yourself into the forest late at night with limited visual input and your skin may crawl with goose bumps scanning for dangerous intent.

To demonstrate how much energy could be concentrated by the human brain through magnetic reconnection I point towards cowlicks and hair sworls. How you think may affect the material world and here is my anecdotal evidence (this is simply a handy example);

Excess of counterclockwise scalp hair-whorlrotation in homosexual men
A M A R J . S . K L A R *Ijamsville, MD 21754, USA

Different thoughts, different magnetic fields in the brain and the mechanical energy of magnetic reconnection steers hair grain, sworls and cowlick formation.

The problem in reading magnetic fields is that he brain has to sift through so many inputs it has to ignore many of them. You know how they say humans use only 10% of their brains; I theorize that other 90% of the brain is working with data we cannot see, hear or touch, and it is doing it on the instinctual level unconsciously.

We do not have the necessary tools yet to test this theory, but they are on the horizon (MEG).

That is my theory. Yes humans can read future events but the human brain is primarily focused on the here and now, and this “reading” happens at an instinctual and unconscious level which is difficult for the conscious mind to focus on (it has to filter it out or it would be overwhelmed).

How could my theory of magnetic reconnection happening within human brains and external magnetic fields of other living and non living objects be tested?

I do not think it can be tested yet, but there is technology on the horizon. It is called MEG

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is an imaging technique used to measure the magnetic fields produced by electrical activity in the brain via extremely sensitive devices such as superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs). These measurements are commonly used in both research and clinical settings. There are many uses for the MEG, including assisting surgeons in localizing pathology, assisting researchers in determining the function of various parts of the brain, neurofeedback, and others.

There are only a handful of modern MEGs on the entire planet. Last I knew there were only two in the United States (one at Stanford Univ.).

The problem that needs to be overcome in testing my theory with brain magnetic reconnection only begins at the “dipole” level. Remember that every hair arises from a hair follicle with a dipole magnetic field;

What are MEG limitations?
A major technical problem
associated with MEG is that the localization of sources of electrical activity
within the brain from magnetic measurement outside the head is complicated and
does not have a unique solution. This is known as the ill-posed inverse
problem, and is itself the subject of research. However, as indicated
above, feasible solutions can be often obtained by using relatively simple

Due to the increased distance to sources and the almost
symmetry of the head it is difficult to provide reliable
information about subcortical sources of brain activity.

Because the neuromagnetic signals are very weak compared to the magnetic
fields in a normal laboratory environment, the MEG measurements have to be taken
in a magnetically shielded room with two or more layers using a sensitive SQUID

So although my theory may sound insane now, science is making advances in solving the questions.

The average human has 5,000,000 million hairs on their bodies and on average 100,000 of them are concentrated on the head. Think of those as antennas. That is a lot of dipole antennas to collect information from and sort through and the MEG has far fewer dipoles it can track and we do not know which dipoles to follow. The number of dipoles in the human brain is fantastically large and it is fed data by millions of antennas.

(note; Blondes have the most head hair on average 140,000 and red heads have the fewest 80,000)

So I am not totally out there on the lunatic fringe. Think of me as Newton telling the church that the earth is not the center of the universe, before everybody else caught on. My success as a business analyst was picking up on trends within data, this is just another trend I stumbled upon and it needs testing.

If you want to see a quick blurb on MEG go here;

This machine has 275 magnetic sensors. If I am correct the average human has 5,000,000 sensors to detect magnetic fields and try to “read” them.

I love tangents. I go off on a lot of mental tangents and it is amazing the places they will take you.

I just sent you a series of emails on the human brain and my theories on magnetic reconnection and reading our environment. While doing this my mind went on a related tangent.

While condensing my thoughts into an email for you on magnetic reconnection and the human brain, another part of my brain was asking a question and in looking into that question there is a symmetry with my emails to you.

My mind wanted to know how male pattern baldness would work in conjunction with my idea of humans reading magnetic fields using the dipole magnets of hair follicles. The dipole magnetic affect is absent from the hair follicles in bald areas found in male pattern baldness cases. My mind begged the question “Don’t bald men need dipole antennas to survive, just like they need eyes and ears?”.

Darn it, there is a simple answer… You just have to pull all the fine threads together.
“Altered androgen the most common cause of hirsutism[excessive hair growth] and it appears to be the result of anincreased conversion in the skin of testosterone to DHT.” (“Evaluationof Excessive Hair Growth (Hirsutism)” by Frederick R. Jelovsek MD:

Altered androgen metabolism is also related to male pattern baldness.

My theory… Men with male pattern baldness do not have less hair; they just have less hair on their heads and more hair on their bodies. This would indicate two things to me 1) the brain only needs so many dipole antennae, 2) Antennae are placed where they are needed the most.

Why would I think that?

What do you know about testosterone and behavior? It is easy… Testosterone makes males more aggressive. Where would an animal with aggressive tendencies focus antennae to pick up information on an opponent? Primarily the front side of the face and body, less so the back side, but you would not need the antennae to face upwards.

Men with male pattern baldness have higher testosterone levels which become apparent after puberty and the body adjusts the placement of antennae to be useful to the more aggressive male. In the wild an aggressive male would face a lot more opponents.

Neat, eh? Tangents are fun and if you go on enough of them you can find the bread crumb trail that leads to the paved road.