Thursday, May 22, 2008

Magnetic Blueprints Push Brain Evolution in Correct Direction

Hello Professor (at MIT),

A point to ponder… Or simply an amazing coincidence…

More images from the 2002 experiment and life;

Note the split hemisphere in the ferrofluid and its tendrils in the experiment, then note the split hemisphere of the human brain and we know the human brain is surrounded by hair filiments. Coincidence?

If you allow the experiment video to run a few more seconds you see the exact patterning found in the human brain;

Just as time is needed to pass for the experiment to evolve more ridges the brain develops more ridges as years pass.

Could we be looking at blueprints written by rotating magnetic fields for the brain? This type of natural magnetic steering would certainly help evolution in the correct direction.

Is the answer to the eternal question “Life, the universe and everything?” simply answered with “rotating magnetic fields”?

One can only assume that if God drew the blueprints for the universe he drew them with rotating magnetic fields.

This is awe inspiring and “yeah why didn’t somebody notice sooner” simultaneously. It should be investigated.