Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Solar Model

No galactic/solar theory is complete without a model so I built one…

The battery represents galactic plasma flow, the magnet represents the magnetic field of the galaxy that is set up by galactic plasma flow, and the simple armature represents our sun being energised by the plasma while interacting with the galaxies magnetic field.

Yes, this is damn simple. The answer to the all the galaxies and all the solar systems has to be simple or none of it would work. Not for billions of years anyway.

This galactic solar model is the basis of my theory of everything and it trickles up and down. It explains all natural events, which all flow from the movement of galactic plasma. No need for multiple dimensions, dark matter, black holes, or all the other theorhetical nonsense in the current “gravity/fusion only” solar theory.

Currently solar theory which relies on a "fusion only" sun is incomplete. There is a galactic plasma input that keeps all things chugging in their cycles.

Why aren't you burned up by the galactic plasma? First you are protected by the sun's heliosphere, and secondly protected by the Earth's magnetoshpere.

The sun’s heliophere acts just like our magnetosphere in shielding it from the galactic wind and directing the energy to the poles.

The bad news about a plasma/fusion sun is that if anything happens to the plasma inputs the sun is dramaticaly affected. But since the system is simple, if something bad was going to happen to our sun it would have happened already.