Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Personal Space

Hi Sandy,

I am going to copy you on the below email that I sent to Roy.

Do you have any idea how disconcerting and joyous it is to have God whispering insight in your ear every night?

I now know why “personal space” exists and why there are places in the environment I just do not like being in for no apparent reason. A good example of a place I never liked was that quarry on the way to the Lovett’s house just outside of Groveland, MA. There was the liquor store on the left, located at the corner and the piles of aggregate right in front of us at the stop sign as we turned right to go to the Lovett’s house. There was nothing “wrong” with the area, I just never liked being in the area. It gave me a bad feeling. There are other places like that too.

How much you want to bet my good old antenna is simply picking up on this;

The magnetic anomaly field of Eastern North America.

I cannot find a total magnetic field anomaly map for Groveland specifically, but how much you want to bet I was picking up on a very low magnetic field area that just rubbed my brain the wrong way?

It boggles my mind sometimes with the things I am learning.


Hello Roy,

Since you are the guy who started me off down this road I will share this with you…

Did you ever wonder why people have “personal space” and why they do not like other people invading? It is not etiquette, it is simple science.

This video demonstrates the discomfort you feel when people lean their head into your personal space;

In the above video note how the intermittent very low magnetic field of the low frequency, low voltage motor affects the magnet hanging on the string a few inches away. Your consciousness is a very low frequency multiple magnetic fields and it should be discomforting to have another very low magnetic field rubbing up against it. This is why we all have a “personal space” to other people’s proximity to our heads that we do not like people leaning into. The very low magnetic field of their brain is disturbing to the magnetic field of our brain.

If you would like to know more about how DNA reacts to very low magnetic fields read this article;

Low-frequency electromagnetic fields evoke the stress
response: mechanism of interaction with DNA and biomedical

M.; Goodman, R.

Plasma Science,

IEEE Transactions onVolume 30, Issue 4, Aug 2002 Page(s): 1497 -

Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/TPS.2002.804219Summary:

Low-frequency electromagnetic (EM) fields react with many
cellular systems. One important interaction is the stress response, a protective mechanism in reaction to potentially harmful stimuli in the environment. The stress response is characterized by the synthesis of stress proteins, a complex process that requires activation of DNA. Induction of this response by EM fields may be initiated by direct interaction of the fields with moving electrons in DNA. This mechanism is physically reasonable, and interactions between EM fields
and electron transfer have been shown to occur in several simpler molecular systems. Additional support for the idea of direct interaction of EM fields with DNA is identification of a specific DNA sequence that can promote an EM-field response when it is normally present or artificially introduced. The protective stress response and the EM-field-specific DNA sequence lend themselves to biomedical applications in cardiac surgery and gene therapy.

You will not believe the things I can now explain all due to you pushing over the first domino with the controversy over global warming. Plasma density is behind everything and the interaction of very low brain induction flux densities is simply an echo of that.

Now you know why we all have “personal space”. It is not etiquette, it is science. We humans just see it as etiquette.

Do not worry about strong magnetic fields, worry about the very low magnetic field densities that your brain already dislikes.



Hi Sandy,

Guess what… the National Geological Service has magnetic maps of Massachusetts. Here is a close up of the Merrimack River valley. Do you see the slight color variation in the area of Groveland?

The magnetic anomalies of the entire state are mapped this way;

I would guess that the least densely populated areas would fall in these color bands, most closely matchng “5”;

These would be discomforting areas for people to live in. Now it is apparent why parts of Massachusetts were and are sparsely populated.

Curious… Are there geographical places you recall from your youth in Massachetts that you just did not like for no apparent reason? Do they line up with weak magnetic field anomalies on this map?

Remember that very low magnetic fields stress DNA. Your brain would register that stress as dislike. Just as you do not like somebody to move their head too close to yours.

See how God tunes your DNA as to where you should live?

I am spooky eh? No, this is God, and God is not spooky. God is science, God is knowledge, God is applying knowledge.