Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Galactic Game of “Six Degrees of Seperation"

In the broadest of strokes, and from my layman’s standpoint, these are the broad strokes in the galactic game of “Six Degrees of Seperation”;

  • 365 degrees galactic year

  • ~122 degrees full solar galactic oscillation occurs

  • ~61 degrees solar systems crosses the galactic plane

  • ~28 degrees Earths wobble and the seasons

  • ~14 degrees Sun’s degree of oscillation to the galactic plane

  • ~6 degrees solar systems variation to galactic plane

  • 1 degree of solar magnetic field line variance Earth reverses magnetic field

  • 0 degrees largest massive extinction on Earth every ~225 million years. Start of new galactic year.

That is the whole enchilada. Kind of makes a nice symmetry doesn’t it. Earthy events can be plotted for every one of those points and their convergence from Earth's geologic record.

God!!! I just boiled down everything in the galaxy to eight lines of information. Talk about reducing intelligent thought into pabulum.