Sunday, September 23, 2007

Global Warming

Proposed cyclic global warming theory by Thomas Olenio

The recent discoveries by John Kanzius and his finding that radio waves can be used to heat salt water are the seeds for my theory.

My theory; Global warming is intricately tied to ocean salinity and solar flux.

The basic assumption is solar flux (radio waves) marginally heat salt water oceans warming the planet. When salinity levels of the oceans drop due to melting polar ice packs the freshened salt water is less efficient at being heated by solar flux and a cooling period begins.
Recent discoveries by John Kanzius tell us that radio waves heat salt water. Fresh water is unaffected by radio waves. It would be reasonable to assume that there are optimum salinity ranges for salt water to capture radio waves and be heated by them. Only further research in that field will determine these absolute salinity radio wave heat ratios.

My theory in a nutshell;

Radio waves (solar flux) from the sun heat the salt water oceans marginally and slowly. This long period heating melts polar ice pack and ocean salinity is reduced over many hundreds of years. The freshening (reduction in salinity) of the oceans inhibits their ability to be heated by the solar flux and a cooling cycle begins. As ice pack expands the oceans become saltier and at some salinity set point the oceans begin being (or are sufficiently) heated by solar flux from the sun again to begin a warming cycle. To give the cycle a value in years let us assume 1,500 years based on past heating and cooling cycles made evident by ice cores from Greenland.

The oceans being the Earth’s largest heat sinks induce climate change by slowly swinging back and forth between warmer and cooler periods based on the oceans salinity and ability to be heated by solar flux. It doesn’t hurt the theory either that the saltier the water the better it retains heat.

One last bit of evidence. Sunspots are signs of activity on our sun. The more sun spots the more solar flux (radio waves) is output. Fewer solar sun spots and you get less solar flux. In my theory less solar flux would mean Earth cooling for there are no radio waves to heat the salt water oceans.
The last little ice age is anecdotal evidence for my theory. It happened between 1600 and 1700 when sunspot activity on the sun nearly ceased.

No sunspots, no solar flux, no salt water oceanic heating on Earth, and the planet cools and a mini ice age happens. When the sunspots and solar flux returns the earth resumes the heating cooling cycle.
The cycle existed before human CO2 emissions and is still working today;


Massive Salinity Changes In Oceans - Tropical ocean waters have become dramatically saltier over the past 40 years, while oceans closer to Earth's poles have become fresher, scientists report in the journal Nature. These large-scale, relatively rapid oceanic changes suggest that recent climate changes, including global warming, may be altering the fundamental planetary system that regulates evaporation and precipitation and cycles fresh water around the globe. The study was conducted by Ruth Curry of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
In my theory the oceans change the climate by heating and cooling based on salinity and solar flux, and not the climate change affecting ocean salinity. It all works very neatly but would need to be explored thoroughly.