Monday, November 5, 2007

Mars, Crude Oil and Global Warming

Recently John Kanzius demonstrated that saltwater can be heated to high temperatures using radio waves. I wonder if this applies to Mars.

We know that Mars has subterranean oceans and increased output of solar radio waves would add incremental heat to them (albeit small).

However, if Mars suffered a reverse, runaway greenhouse affect as some scientists speculate, would this put trapped crude oil under the surface of Mars? If these crude oil deposits exist would they be significantly larger deposits than on Earth? Mars lost enough atmospheric CO2 to cause a reverse runaway greenhouse effect. In a reverse greenhouse process the CO2 would be trapped in stone and rock by water movement and geothermal pressure activity would create crude oil.

My larger question is how does crude oil interact with solar radio waves? Do they absorb energy from them more readily?

Are Mars’ subterranean crude oil and saltwater deposits picking up and storing the increased radio wave energy of the sun, thereby warming the planet, creating dust devils that increase the warming even more?

So I ask; What happens when you recreate John Kanzius’s radio wave experiment using crude oil instead of saltwater?

Can anybody tell me?